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Introduction in English to the homepages of Per-Olof Johansson.

Read this first, then load the background picture. I too do not like text on backgrounds on which you can not read! But I like unfortunately this one!

The language on www is mostly English. We Danes have lots of trouble with this, because we have some special characters, which do not suit the ASCII well.
But English is very familiar to us.
In Denmark is it very common that music groups use English.
The children use a lot of English words - go, shut up, come on,

stop it, yes, no, and words my son tells me not to use on this site! - it is endless.
In Sweden they often translate the English words or spell them in a Swedish way. But not so in Denmark, here we prefere to use what we think to be real English words. We say harddisk and soft ice and teenager and think it is very funny to hear this words translated to Swedish. So on Internet, a Dane feel quit at home.

I could make two homepages - a Danish version and an English one. But as you can see I have chosen to mix them. So I hope you, to whom the Danish is a strange language, will jump to the English flag to see what is going on on my pages.
The poems and the local politics I do not have in an English version. However, someday I will try to deliver some of my poems in translation. Here it comes! Hydra for Equinox. Or this one: New Year's - every day.
O! I can show you one of my pictures!

per-olof johansson

He made a link to me, and here is a link to Morten Nybo
Impress your friends - learn some danish words, or sentense! Remember: Just for fun ... .


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